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Published Books By DR IM Singh


My Search For God
“My book is primarily dedicated to all the innovative thinkers of the world.” I earnestly trust the innovative thinkers in the world do not escape this rare book.


Points To Ponder
Have you ever wondered why belief is so powerful that it masks the facts; atheism is a prophetless religion; the sun was once a god; why does a person’s skin darken in the sun; why do people have to die; why do Africans have short flat noses while Middle Easterners and Indians have big noses; and why do Meiteis have less body hair?


The Origin Of The Meiteis Of Manipur
The author, who is a Manipuri Meitei, has given in this book a straight from the shoulder account of the civilian suffering and the death in Manipur, a state wedged between violent lawless activities of the Meitei insurgents and the abominable atrocities perpetrated by the Indian Security forces, using the Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA).

Quest Beyond Religion
Man is a quest, an eternal inquiry, a perennial question. The quest is for the energy that holds existence together-call it God, it truth, or whatever you like. Who holds this infinite existence together? What is the centre of it all? Science, philosophy, religion, all ask the same question. Their answers may differ but their questions are the same: What is God? Can religion help one discover Him? Here this quest is explored by a scientific mind of a medical doctor, I.M. Singh, who has been intrigued by these question for many decades. He sets out on this inner expedition and relates how he found religion and lost it, how became disenchanted with God and became a freethinker. This is a book and became a freethinker. This is a book for everyone on this eternal quest.

The Origin of Meiteis of Manipur
The Origin of Meiteis of Manipur, transliterated in Manipuri script, published in November 2019.